Personally, I’m not an early bird and, at times, it can be difficult to squeeze everything we want to do into our morning time…We want to have a good, peaceful breakfast, probably, read a little and also, we want to have time to do my makeup and look beautiful before going out of the door. Today, let me share with you some useful morning shortcuts that can simplify your morning beauty routine:

1) Decide what you’re going to wear and prepare things in advance. This simple “ritual” can save you plenty of time in the morning – chose your outfit, shoes and accessories and place it altogether on your sofa; you can also prepare and set aside all the makeup products and brushes that you’re going to use in the morning, so that you don’t need to run around your apartment looking for lost shoe or hidden makeup brush.

2) Take your shower the night before.
Taking shower in the morning can take from 15 minutes up to half an hour out of our morning beauty time, and fixing your wet hair can significantly add up to this time. The solution is to take shower the night before, so that you can use the “freed” morning time for something else.

3) Morning hair tips: try to chose couple of “sure” hairstyles that never failed you and do one of them in the morning, it can be simple and elegant hair bun, “fish tale” braid, or just a ponytail. Chose something that absolutely suits you and emphasizes your charming feminine side. If you like to wear your hair loose and you have one of those lazy mornings when you don’t want to wash your hair (or you are simply in a hurry) – give a try to a dry shampoo, it can instantly “freshen” the look of your locks, add more volume and, therefore, make you feel more confident.

4) Use lighter colors for your daytime makeup. When you aim for more natural looking makeup in the morning you save plenty of time, because you don’t need to blend difficult dark tones and brainstorm about sophisticated combinations of colors of your eye-shadows. If you love bold makeup – you can update your look for the evening later, taking necessary “tools” with you to work.

5) Play a game of “5 minutes makeup challenge”. Many beauty “gurus” on YouTube, for example, made videos using this title. Try to play this game for yourself and see if you can do it. Not only it can be fun and challenging to “do” the whole face in 5 minutes, but also you can become well prepared for those mornings when time seems to run too fast. Try it, it’s fun!

6) In the morning, use only those products that you know very well, those that surely work. We all love to experiment and discover new things, but morning isn’t quite a right time for it. Find for yourself those makeup products that are easy to apply and that you know surely do the job. One of the main “ingredients” of ideal makeup is flawless skin, so my advise would be – invest into great foundation or powder, find out how it behaves throughout the day and stick with it like with the lover. It will save you time in the morning and free you from stress and unexpected “surprises” throughout the day.

7) And finally, the main tip for the morning when you are in a hurry is not to hurry! Yes, might sound strange, but the paradox is – when we are in a hurry and stressed, everything falls out of our hands and we do stuff even slower than we would do in our normal state. So, my main morning tip is – start your day peacefully, with a smile on your face and with a positive note in your heart, so that your day will unfold smoothly and beautifully.

I hope you found it useful. How do you shorten your morning beauty routine? Please feel free to share your own morning shortcuts in the comments section below.