At what time of day is it best to exercise? Well, the truth is, of course, that it really depends on the individual and how they can fit their regular exercise into their daily routine. There are, however, some distinct advantages to exercising in the morning, so here are ten things that will happen if you start your day with exercise:

1. You will find it easier to keep to the routine

If you exercise in the mornings, then you will find it far easier to keep to a regular schedule of exercise, because there is less chance of becoming distracted. In fact, surveys have shown that ninety percent of the people who say that they keep to a regular exercise routine, do their exercise in the mornings.

2. You will be in a better mood for the whole day

Another one of great benefits of morning exercise is that it will improve your mood. A short burst of exercise every morning, will release endorphins into your body, which will boost your mood, combat stress and leave you with a smile on your face all day long.

3. You will wake up easier

When you exercise in the morning, at the same time every day, your body will get used to this routine and it will begin to prepare for it, even before you wake up. What many people find is that their body gets so used to the regime that they wake up without needing an alarm clock, and they feel ready for exercise straight away.

4. You will enjoy breakfast more

Next one of great benefits of morning exercise is that you will enjoy your breakfast more. An early morning workout will also give you an appetite for a good, healthy breakfast. The exercise plus the healthy breakfast will give you all the motivation that you need to make healthier choices throughout the day.

5. You will feel less stressed at work

It’s quite usual for people to be hit by wave of stress when they first get into work and check the emails, look at their diary and suddenly realise all the things that they have to do in the day. People who exercise in the morning report that they feel a lot more relaxed in the mornings, because their morning routine gives them a much better work/life balance.

6. You will begin to look forward to the mornings

For a lot of people, getting into a healthier morning routine actually makes them want to get out of bed! We know that this will be hard to believe, if you are not currently a morning person, but it’s true!

7. You accomplish something before the day has hardly started

Morning exercise also means that you it will feel like you have accomplished something, before you even start out for work. So, even if the rest of your day is terrible, you still did one thing worthwhile that day.

8. Morning exercise kick-starts your metabolism

Benefits of morning exercise also include metabolism boost. Your metabolism regulates how much energy you use and, therefore, how many calories you burn. A morning workout will get your metabolism on the go faster, so you will burn more calories, throughout the day.

9. It will boost your brain power

Here is another one of wonderful benefits of morning exercise: it will boost your brain power. Researchers have proven that exercise increases your brain power for anything up to ten hours, so exercising in the morning will make you more able to cope with taxing the problems of the day.

10. You will be less likely to overeat during the day

Another interesting fact, reported by people who exercise in the morning, is that they tend to eat less food during the rest of the day. It is thought that the early morning release of endorphins that the exercise causes reduces the appetite.